Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogging Virgin

The title says it all. I'm thinking it will be nice for me and anyone who wishes to be able to see/remember what I am up to. If I actually keep this updated it will be pretty cool, otherwise... ehhhh.

Lately I've been relatively content with life. Finishing up my last semester before getting my undergrad from UT Austin (Finance Major, Accounting Minor), working at UFCU in the Real Estate department, and working out pretty regularly. I switched 2 of my last 3 classes to pass/fail today so the rest of this semester should be a breeze. Most of my free time has been spent in the gym lifting weights which is kinda new to me. I've always been active and fit, but I've NEVER liked going to a gym to workout. I left that to the meat-heads at Gold's. But a friend at work got me involved in some all-comers track meets over the summer, and it has been all uphill since then.

Since this summer I have ran in 3 track meets and done a 5K and a 10K. I have a few more races on my schedule for sure, and would like to eventually do some duathlons and triathlons. In the short time (a few months) that I've been training, I have seen pretty significant gains in my fitness. Today I realized that I am in racing season and I need to focus more on cardiovascular work and less on weight training. I'm about 2 months in to keeping track of my weight training and I am finally starting to see some small gains, so it is hard to get away from that and focus on running again.

This past weekend I did my first 10K, the IBM Uptown Classic. My goal going into the race was to set a pace of 8:30 minutes/mile, knowing I could probably do better. However, I had never raced this distance and I wasn't sure how I'd do in a field of over 1800 athletes. My first mile was 8:30 minutes and I was pretty happy because most of that time was spent dodging traffic and finding my pace. I ran the rest of the race at 8:00 minutes/mile or better and ended with a time of 49:42 (seconds over an 8 minute/mile pace). I was pretty happy about that. I found a great pic of me starting the race. That's me on the far right... HAHA.

In a week and a half (November 4th) I will race in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. This will be the first 5K that I will run and try to set a good pace for (my mom will kill me for "dangilng my participle"). I should be able to set a pace of at least 7 minutes/mile, hopefully better.

Well, I better sign off. I'm supposed to wake up tomorrow and do some track work with Matt.

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