Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Move

Graduated in December. Moved to Edwards, CO last night. Enjoying every day.

I finally did it. Always wanted to live in CO, so I jumped on the first opportunity that came by. I got a job working for Vail Resorts and moved. The drive was good getting here. Got off work on Thursday at 6 and drove straight from work to Arlington.

Left early Friday morning by myself to Denver. Clear skys and sun for 13 hours from Arlington through OK and KS. As I crossed the border into CO, it started snowing. How perfect!!! The roads weren't bad until I got into Denver. That was my first experience driving on snow. Spent the night in Denver and drank too much. Woke up late Saturday with a ridiculous hangover from altitude and alcohol. No fun. After trying to defrost my windshield wiper fluid (unsuccessfully), I got on the road at about 1. I-70 was clear until the other side of Eisenhower Tunnel. Downhill + snow pack/icy + corners + 2WD + rear wheel drive = SCARY! Got through that section only to be stopped in traffic just after Frisco. The roads from Copper Mountain to Vail Pass were horrible, worse than after Eisenhower Tunnel. Turtles pace in first gear is tiring. I'd rather drive 13 hours straight. Finally got into Vail and it's clear roads, shining sun, and GORGEOUS views.

Spent that evening unpacking then went to Vail for a little. I learned my lesson about drinking too much the night before so I only had a few beers. Met one roommate who is from Texas and some of his friends. They are all good people so I'm excited that I'll get along with them. The house is awesome. We're surrounded by mountains! Today I'm settling in. About to go to Vail to check out the town.

More to come...

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