Friday, January 25, 2008

Awesome Day

Woke up to a car with snow.

It was so beautiful with the moon out in the morning.

Went to work, filed some claims, then went skiing while it snowed. It was REALLY cold out. My hands were a little wet before I went out so they stayed pretty cold until I had some time to warm them up. I slowly got back into the hang of skiing and realized I had a long way to go. After lunch on the mountain, we flew down the slope and went back to work.

Got home and went to dinner with my roommate, Chris, and his sister. I bet him that I would drink 3 (maybe 4) shots of whiskey if he would buy my dinner and drinks. I ate for free. Upon arriving home I decided I needed to jump in 3 feet of snow.

The video is a little dark so here's a picture of me laying in the snow.

I have a snowboard rented for tomorrow so I plan to get some free lessons and try it out all day. We'll see how early I get up.

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