Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last few days I've been getting my room set up. I took down these huge framed pictured that were up and am working on replacing them with my stuff. If anyone has any picture frames you want to send my way... feel free! I hung a ceiling fan up the other day which really helps with the light in my room. I'll take a picture of all of it once I finish my room.

Yesterday was really windy. I got my vehicle registration set up in CO. While I was driving around, it was snowing and blowing so hard you could barely see outside.

Last night I got home shortly after 6, sat down to watch TV, and passed out for the night. It was really good to get some solid sleep in. I know I have a bunch of stuff to do at home, but rest is important. Especially when your roommate may have the flu.

Not much else going on. Today we are probaby going to go ride a little during lunch.

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