Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A little skiing...

This past weekend was all about skiing all day, drinking a bit, and spending time with good friends. Saturday I went to Vail with my roommates and we covered the whole mountain. I tried to learn how to jump, and it kinda worked for me. I tried one jump a few times. The first time I was way off balance and both skis flew off upon impact, I slid about 50 yards on the slope, and loved it. The second time my right ski fell off immediately after leaving the ground... bad news. This fall was not quite as fun, but the slide was just as great. I also spent alot of the day going as fast as possible straight down the slope, with as few turns as possible. It gets pretty freaky once you hit the moguls. I managed to glide over them somehow... thank God.

After a long day of skiing we headed to our favorite bar for a few drinks and some food. I forgot how quickly jack and coke can hit you when you're 1) tired/worn out 2) dehydrated a little 3) have an empty stomach and 4) live at 8000 ft. Came home and sat in the hot tub to relieve my sore body then drove to Breckenridge to meet Leslie, Ethan, and Robin. We had a good dinner then passed out early so we could ski all day on Sunday.

We got on the slope around 9 or 9:30 and skiied until 4. There were several breaks for mochas and booze. Breck was alot different and REALLY windy. Most of the runs seemed to have big moguls (which I don't like yet) and were wind blown and skiied out. We still had a great time. Went back to their condo for a little bit in the hot tub then some dinner. Headed home and crashed out.

This week at work has been pretty busy. I'm going over our data base to make sure all of our claims are current. That's about 200 claims and lots of details spread over lots of places. I went for a few runs on Tuesday and as I got on the lift I started asking myself what I was doing here. All my friends are in TX, and I was starting to feel a little home sick. I didn't think that would happen if I kept active enough and had fun. As I was riding the lift, I thought "what would I be doing if I was in Austin? Probably making more money, paying less for EVERYTHING, and not skiing 4 times a week." Maybe life here isn't so bad.

I can't wait for summer so I can start climbing and riding my road bike. I really came here for the summer, and the skiing is just a bonus.

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Joe said...

It really sounds like you are on a permanent spring break up there....we miss you around the ATX...