Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is what I do, I ski on you

Guess what I did today.... correct! I skied! It was perfectly clear out and the snow was pretty good. Most of the front side was groomed and great for skiing. Some areas, like Game Creek, that weren't groomed were pretty chunky. We got about 10 inches the last 2 days and then it got sunny. So it gets skied out during the day, freezes like that at night, and is chunky in the morning. I got some good pics while moving around today.

This is overlooking Game Creek. In the valley just to the right of the trees is close to where I live.

I signed up for a week long trial membership at the Vail Athletic Club. I did a yoga class for the first time in too long yesterday. It pretty much kicked my butt, in a good way. This is the only gym in the valley with a rock climbing wall, but it's not that great. And they don't have some of the equipment that I like to use. I'll probably try some of the other gyms before deciding that they are all too expensive and I can't afford them. At least I'll get about a month of free trials out of it.

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