Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ohh the pain!

So it finally happened, I hurt myself skiing. I knew it was just a matter of time. Luckily it's not too bad.

Saturday I went skiing and I was in Blue Sky Basin on the way to The Grand Review. It is a pretty open area with scattered trees. Before and after the trees there are little jumps. I was planning on just skiing down and heading home because I was tired. But I couldn't resist taking a few little jumps on my way down. After all, what could it hurt? Well I found out it could hurt ALOT!!! I came up to a jump that dipped down a little and then shot straight up about 2 feet. Basically I ran into a wall with my skis and went flying. Both skis came off (luckily) and I landed on my right side with my right hand/pole under my ribs. Totally knocked all the air out of me. For several seconds I tried to get any air in or out, but nothing happened. After clearing all the snow out of my mouth, I eventually managed to gasp for a desperate breath of air. Damn did that hurt. I sat there for a second and tried to take inventory of the damages. Extremities seemed ok, may have broken a rib, head was ok. Gasping for air and crawling to my ejected skis a guy skied up to see if I needed help. I was so embarassed and I still couldn't really breath. i somehow told him I was ok, got back on my skis and SLOWLY made my way back. That took at least 30 minutes.

After changing clothes and eating lunch I went to the urgent care center in Avon. Luckily they were slow so I got in pretty quick. They took some x-rays and did their check. They couldn't see any broken ribs and it didn't appear that I had any internal organ damage. So they sent me packing with a rib brace and some pain killers.

Of course it had to dump snow on Sunday night. We got 14 inches of fresh, beautiful powder, and I was stuck wearing a corset and gasping for breath. So what lesson did I learn? I'll have to get back to you on that. All I know is I'm skiing tomorrow.

Thursday and Friday I go to Denver for a Workers' Comp Training session. They put me up in a hotel and all, so it's kinda cool. I'll get to see Robin Wednesday and maybe Thursday night for a few drinks before he takes off for the weekend.

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