Tuesday, April 15, 2008

End of Season Craziness

The 2007-2008 ski season at Vail is over. I took to the slopes for the last 5 days and made the most of it. Days of dumping snow and one last day ending with beautiful sunshine. Robin cruised the slopes with me on Saturday and I spent Sunday romping around with Chris. Now I know where Blue Sky Basin gets the name.

My roommate Luke brought out his favorite outfit for the closing day festivities.

Here's a shot of me jumping off a little bump. It's pretty hard to see, but amusing none the less.

All in all it was a great season with lots of great experiences. I even enjoyed hanging out with Chris on the porch after a long day of skiing.

After work on Monday we hung out in the front yard. It was a gorgeous day. I managed to run over Luke's sunglasses and thus become a pirate-sheriff.

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