Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Bike Commute

I commuted by bike to work for the first time this morning. Not exactly the best day to choose. It was cold (probably around 40 degrees), sprinkling rain, and windy. But I made the 12 miles in about an hour with over 900 feet of elevation gain. It is almost all uphill on the way to work. I could have planned the whole thing better, but now I know for next time. I think I kinda liked it. Even though the conditions weren't the best, it will make next time that much better. It puts you in a whole different mood for the day. Plus with gas as expensive as it is ($4.11/gallon at the cheapest station up here), I save money while getting in shape. Great way to stick it to the man!

I brought an extra shirt, boxers, and change of shoes, but I should have brought more. My pants were a little wet in the seat from road spray and sweat. Plus I sweated through the shirt I was wearing and soaked the long sleeve I had on over it. I planned on wearing the long sleeve today... not so much anymore.

I had a little headache once I got to work. Most likely from my head being so cold and burning 600 calories on the way to work. If I am going to keep riding to work, I have to eat more in the morning.

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