Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Race Weekend

Most of this weekend was pretty laid back because I was preparing for the Bolder Boulder on Monday. I did a 3 mile run on Saturday, but that was about it until the run.

We drove to Boulder on Sunday. It was pretty hot out. We walked around a little, ate, and relaxed. Luke showed me around the town a bit and went on about how it barely ever rains in Boulder because the mountains send the clouds around it. This was obviously foreshadowing.

We woke up Monday to grey, threatening skies. Didn't get much of a warm-up because the lines for the port-a-potty were long and well... enough said. There were too many people around and not enough woods, and I'm not a fan of getting an indecent public exposure charge or anything.

I ran decently well for the amount of training I put in. I ended up with an 8:26 minute/mile. Not that great of a time, but better than I thought I would do. The overcast skies kept us cool through the whole race. Right as I was coming to the end of the race and running into the stadium, some guy next to me yakked all over a rail on the side. It was good motivation to keep going at the least. Once the race was over it got cold since I was covered in sweat, not running, and it was spitting rain. They had a cool vendor expo with lots of free stuff. I stupidly had more sugary free stuff instead of electrolyte replacement stuff. I felt pretty good until we got back to Joel's house (Luke's boss). I felt weak and tired and kinda queezy. We had some good BBQ and I felt much better after falling asleep on the way home.

Once I get some pictures from the race I'll put them on here or post a link.

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