Saturday, May 10, 2008

Starting of ...summer?

The weather is starting to look really nice up here. I got in 3 bike rides last week around 15-20 miles each. I also managed to get in a nice jog on Friday before going out with some friends. A rain storm was blowing in Wednesday afternoon, but I sucked it up and went for a ride anyway. I got home right before it started dumping rain.

I am really getting the get-in-shape bug again. I registered to ride the Teva Mountain Games Hill Climb in June. It's a huge event that draws world class athletes, but I'm doing it more for the experience. I don't think I will come close to competing with guys who ride the Tour de France. I'm also going to try to run the Bolder Boulder 10K in late May.

I had plans to wake up this morning and go for a jog or a ride, but the weather had this in store instead...

I went for an awesome pancake breakfast with Chris, and by 10:30 it had mostly cleared out and the snow started to vaporize into a gorgeous day.

My new plans for the day were going to involve putting up some shelves in my room and unpacking the endless supply of boxes junking up the cave that I call my room. But who knows, maybe I will go for that run.

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