Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Bar Hopping

Halloween came this year and I couldn't decide on a costume... or more accurately I couldn't come up with a costume that I wanted to wear. I got home from work and started racking my brain to come up with a good costume. Thought about being one of the brothers from Boondock Saints with Chris. Wasn't crazy about it and I didn't have a necklace with a cross. Writing a bunch of Celtic stuff on myself would have been fun though. Thought about keeping on the bike clothes I wore for my ride that day. Not original enough. Everyone up here is active and it would look like I had just finished a ride... which I did. Plus I smelled like a junior high locker room. Thought about wearing a black speedo and putting fake blood in my hair to be Greg Louganis. That would fulfill my ritual of being scantily clad, but I didn't feel like losing any appendages to frostbite. I had alot of other mediocre ideas, but nothing that stuck out.

Just as I was losing creative hope, I had an epiphany. I could put on a black trash bag and cut out a 'D' to tape on it... I could be a douche bag!

And so it was. We got our group together and planned out a night of bar hopping. Dish, The Gore Range Brewery, Rick and Kelly's, and E-town. I stuck to gin and tonic and rotated in water every few drinks... the water was clutch. It was pretty fun being in character as a d-bag. The sad thing is how well my rude comments and general douche-baggery was accepted. Here's an example of how much everybody enjoyed it.

Now that I think about it, I could have been this guy and had the same outcome.

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