Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Costume

I don't have anything good to write about. Instead I will tell you of the two options I am thinking about for my Halloween costume. There are 2 problems with my costumes. First, they both require at least one other person to help me. Second, I don't know how to pull them off.

Here's the first idea. The bar we are going to for Halloween is having a Vegas theme. One of my friends was talking about going as a tiger, so I suggested that me and person X could be Siegfried and Roy and she could be the white tiger. AWESOME! I know. However, I can't find anyone to be the Roy to my Siegfried. And I haven't really done any shopping to find a flamboyantly gay frilly shirt, tight black pants, gold chains, much less a tiger-stripe jacket.

My other option is to be a Beaver Boy. Watch this video for a better understanding. I even bought 2 of the shrimp hats. I'm hoping they come in before Friday. Again, I don't have anyone to pull it off with me. And I don't know many people up here that know what the hell Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job is. Even if they knew what it is, they would likely not get the inane ridiculous humor and think it was funny as I do.

Maybe I'll go as a mop instead.


Jane said...

Ha! I like both options. Drunk strangers would probably recognize Siegfried more than they would Beaver Boy, but Beaver Boy is sooo funny.

Dan said...

If I find someone to do the Beaver Boys with me, then I get to have shrimp and white wine all night while acting like a d-bag with no game. I think I could pull that off. If I find someone to be Roy, I have to act gay. I could do that, too.