Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wolcott Bouldering

Climbing and bouldering are fun. I remembered that after the most recent TX trip. So before it gets cold and starts snowing, I'm going to do as much of it as possible. Maybe even a trip to Indian Creek in Utah. Yesterday I went bouldering with my friends Alex and Blair. Today we are going to Gilman Canyon for some sport climbing. I can't wait to get out there! Here is a shot of Alex working a hard problem at Wolcott. The landing really sucks. If you're coming down, you want to make sure to jump off and away from the wall. Otherwise you'll have a nice meeting with Mr. Rock. (That's the moon just to the right of his head.)

I finally got 3 pairs of shoes back that I had sent to the Rubber Room to get resoled. (Note to the wise... don't type in to find the site at work. I got a page that said something like "FORBIDDEN ZONE - This page has been blocked by your administrator and this occurrence has been logged. p.s. Pack your crap now because you will be fired shortly. Enjoy the rest of your day... perv.") It felt so good to slide my aching toes back into my Moccasyms. The sole is more flexible than most and feels like an extra hand as it grips around the smallest little rock feature available.

They treated me well as I worked on a problem I have been attempting for awhile now.

Once I finally got through the lower crimpy section and into the crack, I was prety much done.

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