Monday, October 13, 2008


They came in early! I've had contacts for about 2.5 years, and I went straight with contacts and skipped the glasses. It was easy since my prescription was so light (either +/- .25). Now that the "benefits year" at work just rolled over, I decided it was time to have glasses for a back up. I end up wearing my contacts way longer than I need to each day. I went to get some prescription glasses 10/3/08 and they said it would take about 2 weeks. Lucky me, they came in just over a week!

I have kind of an excited nervousness about wearing them. Part of the reason I didn't get them before is because I am unsure of how I will look in glasses. I almost went with some sweet child-molester glasses.

However, I opted for a more youthful not-so-molestey frame. I'll post a pic tonight or tomorrow after I pick them up.


B. said...

dan -- i thought the sweet child-molester glasses were kinda what did you pick out?
anxiously awaiting,

Jane said...

Those child molester glasses look familiar... Come to think of it, I think I used to date a guy who wore child molester glasses. Yikes.